Leek Rugby Union Football Club

Esterchem Park,
Chestnut Walk,
ST13 7BJ

Parking at Leek RUFC
Leek RUFC would like to extend a warm welcome to all members, parents and visitors coming to Esterchem Park.
Please take a moment to read the following important information about parking at and around the club.

Parking is always an issue when a sporting club is within a residential area.
The core values of respect and inclusivity that the game of Rugby is founded upon are ones that Leek RUFC are proud to uphold. In addition we take our social responsibility very seriously.
Part of this is to ensure that we, as a club, maintain our integration with our immediate community surroundings.
As such we need to have a very firm view as to what is acceptable behaviour for our members and those using our facilities when it comes to this issue.

When our members or visitors act badly or irresponsibly towards our neighbours, in this regard, it reflects badly on us as a club.

It is never acceptable to block or inconvenience the local residents’ access to their own properties.
Please bear this in mind when you are parking your car.

We would strenuously encourage car-pooling to alleviate the impact on our neighbours and limit congestion in the area.

Car parking within the club’s grounds:
The car park at the clubhouse on Chestnut Walk is not large, and can fill up quickly.
The surface is gravel, so no parking bays are marked, therefore, PLEASE park sensibly, to maximise the number of vehicles that can be accommodated.

Please note the following with regards to roads around the club’s grounds:

  • CHESTNUT WALK, BIRCH TREE DRIVE, EAST DRIVE, and WEST DRIVE need to be kept clear for the emergency services.
  • Cars parked on any of these roads that block any emergency vehicles from proceeding along that road may be removed by the Police, or the 1st, 2nd, 3rd XV Forwards. (You wouldn't want your son or daughter to have to wait for emergency help if they were injured.)
  • Please do not park on MAPLE GROVE.
  • DO NOT PARK in the Residents Car Park in front of the "Clock Tower".

Vehicles are left entirely at the owner or drivers risk.
Leek RUFC do not accept any responsibility
for ANY loss or damage to vehicles or their contents.